Find the Right Commercial Coverage for Your Needs

Find the Right Commercial Coverage for Your Needs

Serving Larchmont, and New York City

Do you have insurance for your equipment? Are you covered in case of a worker’s accident or injury?

Protecting your business is in your best interest. You’ve worked hard to get your company to where it is today. Don’t risk what you’ve accomplished to something that could have been covered by insurance. Call a trusted agent and get the right coverage for your business.

Ironclad protection from all kinds of risks

Coughlin Insurance Services provides comprehensive commercial insurance for New York City businesses, Larchmont businesses, and others across the United States. No matter where you’ve grown your company, we’re here to help you protect it. Consult with our agents for coverage in any of the following areas:

  • Property and casualty
  • General commercial liability
  • Excess and umbrella liability
  • Import and export
  • Errors and omission
  • Directors and officers
  • Employers’ practices and liability
  • Professional and management liability
  • Machinery and equipment
  • Workers compensation
  • Fidelity bonds
  • Group insurance
  • Crime
  • Flood and earthquake
Coughlin Insurance Services has worked with a number of different companies over our 50+ years in the insurance business. We’ve found custom coverage for real estate development companies, health clubs, metalworking companies, lighting and equipment businesses and others. 

Every business is unique. From the general operation to the location to the staff, we take every detail into consideration when offering coverage for our business clients. Let us get to know you and your business and provide recommendations for what will work best to safeguard it.

For commercial insurance, call our Larchmont, or New York City office today.