If you become totally disabled, we’ll make sure your eligible loan payments continue.

Individual Credit Disability Insurance

If you were to become seriously ill or disabled, would you be able to keep up with the loan payments? And if you died, would your spouse or family have enough money to pay off the loan or lose your property to debt collectors? Credit disability insurance can provide protection for both your property and good credit.


Short-Term Disability Insurance

  • Typically replaces 60% to 70% of base salary
  • Pays out for a few months to one year, depending on the policy
  • May have a short waiting period, such as two weeks, after you become disabled and before benefits are paid

Long-Term Disability Insurance

  • Typically replaces 40% to 60% of base salary
  • Benefits end when the disability ends. If the disability continues, benefits end after a certain number of years or at retirement age.
  • A common waiting period is 90 days after disability before benefits are paid

Individual Credit Disability Insurance

  • Individual credit disability insurance can pay a monthly installment loan payment directly to your financing institution if you become disabled.

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