Let’s make sure members of your team are taken care of in their retirement years.

Group Retirement Insurance

Planning for retirement doesn't have to be complicated. If you’re interested in significantly improving acquisition and retention of top employees, consider a group retirement insurance program. It’s a valuable way you and members of your team can get all of the benefits of joining a company plan and start saving for the future.

Here’s some of the pros of offering retirement benefits:



  • You can receive some significant tax advantages for your business because Congress wants to encourage employers to provide retirement benefits to employees.
  • If the plan is based on profits, the plan may enhance employee motivation and productivity.
  • Retirement benefits may give you a recruiting advantage.
  • If your business has high start-up costs or little cash on hand, you can use a retirement plan to supplement your compensation package.
  • You can use the plan to save for your own retirement.


  • Setting up and administering a plan can be time-consuming and complicated.
  • Providing a plan can (and most likely will) require professional assistance, which can add costs.

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