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Study Projects a Surge in Coastal Flooding, Starting in 2030s

November 7, 2021 |

High-tide floods – also called nuisance floods or sunny day floods – are already a familiar problem in many cities on the U.S. Atlantic and Gulf coasts. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) reported a total of more than 600 such floods in 2019. Starting in the mid-2030s, however, the alignment of rising sea…

What Is Multi-Factor Authentication?

October 3, 2021 |

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a security process that requires users to respond to requests to verify their identities before they can access networks or other online applications. MFA may use knowledge, possession of physical objects, or geographic or network locations to confirm identity. Why is multi-factor authentication needed? As organizations digitize operations and take on…

Help secure your accounts with these strong password tips

October 3, 2021 |

It’s no secret that passwords have substantial monetary value to cybercriminals. The importance of using secure, unique passwords is growing as you entrust increasing amounts of personal information to organizations and businesses that can fall victim to data breaches and password leaks. Although there may be little you can do to prevent a large-scale data…

Five Steps to Creating a Cyber Security Incident Response Plan

October 3, 2021 |

Concern for cybercrime has increased 62% in the past year. Over 41,600 incidents and 2,013 confirmed data breaches were investigated by Verizon and its partners in the past year. The numbers paint a dark picture of the growing threat to businesses of all sizes – concern for cybercrime has increased 62 percent in the past…

Let us help protect you from the fallout of a product liability lawsuit.

September 29, 2021 |

Product Liability insurance can help protect you if your business faces a lawsuit from the fallout that occurs in the event your product causes injury or other damage to third parties, even if a product is used incorrectly. Product Liability insurance isn’t just for companies that manufacture products. Any company that sells, distributes or designs…

Why does a business need product recall insurance?

August 22, 2021 |

Product Recall Insurance is one of the most important insurance policies that companies who put products into the global stream of commerce should purchase. While most large organizations purchase the insurance, many other businesses do not. The risk of a product recall has increased exponentially. Stricter global regulatory standards have increased in number, and new…

What type of factors can lead to a recall event?

August 22, 2021 |

It is essential to understand why recalls occur in an ideal world, every product that we build, buy, or own, would be perfect in every way. The reality, however, teaches us that while perfection is something to strive for in the marketplace, it is often something that is not always attained. While some may be…

What are the common misconceptions about product recall coverage?

August 22, 2021 |

We Already Have Coverage Under our General Liability Policy General Liability insurance is a third-party coverage, which typically does not provide coverage for product recall events. Product recall insurance is a first party coverage protecting the insured through reimbursement of financial loss and expenses (which are typically excluded on a general liability policy). Additionally, product…

Recalls and Public Health Alerts

August 18, 2021 |

The U.S. Department of Food & Agriculture Food Safety and Inspection Service protects the public’s health by ensuring the safety of meat, poultry and egg products. FSIS is part of a science-based national system to ensure food safety and food defense. FSIS ensures food safety through the authorities of the Federal Meat Inspection Act, the Poultry Products Inspection…

Don’t let a costly product recall damage your business and your brand

August 16, 2021 |

According to the FDA, nearly 30 product recalls occur every week in the U.S. on average. Recalling, replacing or destroying a consumer product can incur substantial long-term reputational and financial costs for your business. Not only that, news of a product recall spreads like wildfire on social media, so having a product recall policy with…


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