Let’s make sure you can pay your doctor's bills, lab tests, and prescriptions.

Traditional Health Insurance

A traditional health insurance plan works on a system of copays and deductibles. The plan helps to pay your doctor's bills, lab tests, and prescriptions. With a traditional health insurance plan, you may be financially responsible for paying copayments (or copays), deductibles, and coinsurance. Traditional health insurance allows you to select your health care providers, such as your favorite doctor or hospital. There are usually two main types of 'managed care' plans from which to choose: an HMO or a PPO.


PPO Plans

  • Offer more flexibility in selecting a doctor or hospital
  • Often has fewer restrictions on seeing out-of-network providers
  • Sometimes covers the costs of visits to out-of-network providers
  • The majority of companies that offer health insurance benefits to employees offered PPO plans

HMO Plans

  • Often are more affordable, with lower monthly premiums and a low or no annual deductible
  • Usually, require PCP referrals to see specialists for non-emergency needs
  • Usually provide a list of network providers, including specialists -- but if you choose to visit a doctor outside of the network, it's possible there will be no coverage provided and you will have to pay the full cost for the visit.

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