Provide credit to new customers without putting your business at risk.

Credit Insurance

What happens to your business if your customer can’t pay? Trade credit insurance can be very beneficial for many types of businesses, but may be especially valuable for businesses with international customers as well as businesses operating in the import/export industry.

Some of the benefits of trade credit insurance include:


Predictable Cash Flow

By insuring some or all of your trading partners’ payments, you are guaranteeing that you will receive that money, whether it’s from your customer or your insurance company. This predictable cash flow can allow you to better plan the growth of your business.


New Market Opportunities

Having the ability to buy insurance on new clients can open up access to riskier markets that you might otherwise hesitate to sell to. Bear in mind though that your insurance company will only tolerate a certain level of risk from the customer, but it can still make your own business’ expansion less risky.


Reduce Bad Debt Exposure

Knowing that your business won’t have to suffer from unpaid accounts means that you won’t have to set aside as much money in a rainy day fund. Your business can have a more positive cash flow and use that cash to expand into new markets.


Access to Increased Capital

Lenders value security, which means that they value insurance. Proving to lenders that you have trade credit insurance on your largest customers makes them more likely to invest in your business, since their money is protected.

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