Could your business finance a recovery from a natural disaster?

Business Disaster Insurance

Could your business survive a major emergency? Mother Nature can wreak havoc on your business anytime and anywhere. While some areas may be more prone to certain events than others, no matter where you are, there’s always a risk of a natural disaster. Because many of these occurrences can be catastrophic, there are often exclusions for them in standard business policies. Buying natural disaster insurance can provide additional protection.

These are the types of natural disasters you should protect against:

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If you live and operate your business in states or regions that are commonly affected by tornadoes, you need to make sure you have the proper commercial property insurance. You might also want to consider commercial auto insurance to protect your vehicles. Above all, make sure you have a disaster preparedness plan in place.



If you live somewhere where hurricanes frequent every year, you need to make sure your business is properly protected. While hurricanes are NOT excluded from property insurance policies, damage caused by flooding IS excluded. Most businesses damaged or destroyed by hurricanes are because of rising tides and storm surge—AKA flooding. If you are in a hurricane-prone area and a flood zone, you’ll need flood insurance as part of your business insurance package.



Flooding can be common in tropical areas that see heavy amounts of rainfall and devastating storms such as tornadoes and hurricanes. It is often common in areas that receive heavy amounts of snowfall. When spring arrives and the weather warms, those copious amounts of snow melt quickly and often cause flooding. As mentioned above, flooding is NOT covered by most insurance policies. You’ll need to look at commercial flood insurance to protect your business.



Wildfires are common across the United States and Canada, and can occur year-round in states like California. When areas go through droughts and have an especially large amount of forests, brush, etc. the risk of wildfires increases. Wildfires—and fires in general—are typically going to be covered under your commercial property insurance.



Earthquakes can be mild, or they can be severe enough to compromise the infrastructure of your building, but they can also happen anywhere, so be prepared. Many commercial property policies don’t include coverage for earthquakes. You’ll likely have to add it as a policy endorsement to your standard business owners policy.

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