Protect your business against civil disturbances and vandalism.

Crime, Riots & Civil Disorder Insurance

Crime, Riots & Civil Disorder Insurance is a unique form of property damage coverage, riot, vandalism, and civil commotion insurance provides protection for your property in the event of a civil disturbance. Protests, riots, civil commotions, and accompanying vandalism are all covered under this type of insurance. Coverage is often included as a part of standard homeowners, comprehensive auto, and business insurance policies, just in case things in your town turn a little less than peaceful.

Riot, vandalism, and civil commotion insurance typically covers the following:


Vehicle Damage

If you purchased comprehensive auto insurance, you’re in luck. Comprehensive auto coverage protects against damage to your car by things like fire, falling objects, and vandalism—all of which can accompany a riot. Riots themselves are also listed as a specifically covered peril.


Property Damage to Your Home

Standard homeowners policies cover property damage caused by fire, explosions, vandalism, riots or civil commotions, and “malicious mischief.” Your home’s structure and your personal property, are all covered under this aspect of a standard policy.


Property Damage to Your Business

Damage caused by fire, riots, vandalism, or civil commotion is also included in standard business owners policies. Coverage extends to the business’s physical structure as well as its contents. Since riots commonly lead to looting of businesses, having protection for your business is crucial.


Additional Living Expenses

If your home becomes uninhabitable due to extensive damage caused by riots, vandalism, or civil commotion, your standard homeowners policy provides coverage for additional living expenses while you’re at a temporary residence awaiting repairs. This coverage applies to hotel stays, increased eating costs, extra gas mileage, and more.


Loss of Income

If your business is forced to suspend operations while awaiting repairs necessary for damage to its physical structure caused by riots, vandalism, or civil commotion, your business owners policy may reimburse you for lost revenue while your doors are closed.

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